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Who are we

Totally Social Media assists brands in using social media opportunities to engage with new and established clients, and to spread interest in their products and services.

Social media really lives up to its name; it isn’t a sign-board for one-way projected messages, it’s subtler, encouraging response and shared expressions of whatever is felt by the widest-possible customer-network.

Customers traditionally trust each other’s opinions more than an advertised company-line, so in today’s very public climate of Twitter and Facebook, reputations are more often the shared viewpoints of clients, than the words of company spokesmen.

But adopting the right tone, fully appraised of the company’s latest policies, products and developments, can quickly bounce favourable responses into much wider interest and further trade.

Analysis & Perception

We can help you benefit by understanding the tone and opinions expressed in social media references to your brand, competitors and sector.

Not only the superficial sense behind individual remarks, but underlying issues and sentiments which influence public feeling, and which reward foresight by company policy-makers.


TSM recognises the effect which social media has on your organisation, and we know how to draw every advantage out of that increasing scrutiny. We can help plan your overall social media strategy, taking a long view and anticipating events and possible problems.

We adjust our training to your circumstances and requirements, and can assist in recruitment of the right candidates for social media roles. We create and apply listening & responding programmes, advise on crisis management, and are always ready to step in with ad-hoc social media consultancy.


Positive word of mouth, encouraged by customer-feedback and your company’s readiness to respond, is the brightest benefit of social media for companies.

We help you engage productively and meaningfully, through influence campaigns, advocacy programmes, community-consolidating, reputation-management and considered approaches to online dialogue response.

In every area, our understanding of brands and marketing is aided by creative verve, strategic sense, experience with technology and our profound understanding of social media.